Australia Chinese Law Firm is a legally approved and registered law firm operated by Chinese senior lawyers in Australia, providing Chinese legal services in English for Australian individuals, companies and Australian government agents, and other English speaking clients outside Australia. We also work as an international legal adviser for Chinese local authorities on economic policies associated with Australia. Additionally, we invite people from China to invest in Australia and we do immigration cases.

Our people demonstrate considerable skills in commercial and legal fields, in criminal issues in China, in migration cases in Australia and in international economic laws and policies. We are committed to providing advice and solutions that maximise opportunity and minimise risk.

Practitioners and staff members in both Australia and China have the best understanding of the needs and anxieties of clients. We do our best to make our services timely and effective. Our advice and solutions are practical and reliable in order to secure outstanding outcomes.

We are aware that your business is not just 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. You can reach us at any time by direct telephone and e-mail.

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